ATEX certified IIC Flame Scanner

    The FP87 is an ATEX IIC certified Flameproof Flame Scanner designed for UV, IR or combination flame sensing. Rugged and reliable design with over 40 years of virtually zero fault operation.


Part Number: FP87 Scanner

Category:Hazardous area ATEX

Availability: 4 - 8 weeks

Tags: Flame, Scanner, ATEX, IIC, Flameproof


    The FP87 flameproof Flame Scanner is highly reliable and robustly built on solid state componet and has over 40 years in service with a virtually zero failure rate. As with all Elcontrol products, reliability is our key selling point. We have many units still in service, working reliably after 20 years or more. The unit is compatible with most Elcontrol trip amplifiers including the FP87 (IIC), UVH6/FP (IIB), IS320 (intrinsically safe), GP420 (safe area), it is suitable for use in potentially hazardous atmospheres above ground, with gases up to IIC specified, including: Hydrogen, Acetylene, Carbon Disulphide, Ethyl Nitrate.

UV (ultra Violet) sensing has become the prefered method of flame monitoring. All Elcontrol Flame Scanners use the highest quality UV cells with the widest possible sensing range. Elcontrol offer a number of options for the FP87 Scanner, these include Kopex Cabling systems, IIC rated cable glands, Synthetic Quartz lens or windows. We also over the option of Infra Red flame sensing, or a combination of UV sensing with and IR backup.

  1. The enclosure is manufactured from LM25 Aluminium and machined at our own factory in UK. A 2 inch BSP mounting nut is suppliedas standard, for installation of the scanner. Elcontrol can also supply other mounting options.

Compliance with EN60079-0: 2012 + A11 2013 - EN60079-1: 2014


FP87 Certification Information:

(FP87 Scanner)
Ex_mark.gif (1700 bytes)  II 2 G  Ex db IIC T6 Gb Ta   -20°C to +60°C    certificate ref: Baseefa02ATEX0032X

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