ATEX and IECEx IIB Flame Scanner


  • The UVH6/FP/MK1 provides visual non-contact flame sensing by detecting ultra violet radiation from the flame under supervision.
FP87 ATEX IIC Trip Amplifier


  • Compatible with the FP87 Scanner.
  • An intrinsically safe variant is also available.
IECEx and ATEX certified Products

Welcome to Elcontrol Limited

Elcontrol Limited is a long time established UK based manufacturing company that specialises in burner control, flame scanners and trip amplifiers. Our UVH6/FP range of products are all fully certified to ATEX and IECEx standards.

Elcontrol Limited manufactures and market a wide range of Flame Sensing and Burner Control equipment, including; ATEX Flame Proof and safe area versions of Flame scanners (Ultraviolet and Infra Red combinations are available), viewing heads, Trip Amplifiers, Ignition Units, automatic and semi automatic burner controllers. Flame scanners employ the principles of ultraviolet or infrared scanning, or ionisation probe sensing. The Burner Control range includes fully automatic units for oil and gas, semi-automatic controls for heavy oil burners, and simple flame relays, for users requiring flame detection only, for use with external control logic schemes. Hazardous Areas, on-shore or off, are catered for by a wide range of certifiedequipment, all of which now satisfies the new ATEX requirements. Elcontrol Burner Controls are British Gas certified where applicable, with several ultraviolet scanners being CEGB tested and approved. Complementary to the range of standard controls, Elcontrol offers a complete custom control panel capacity, including micro-processor based system design and applications.

In addition to  the range of Burner Control Equipment, Elcontrol also offers Liquid Level Controllers, Specialist Timers and Photo-Electric Units.

If you do not see equipment which meets your precise requirements, contact us anyway - we may be able customise our standard equipment for your needs:


UVH6/FP IECEx IIB Flame Scanner

UVH6/FP/MK1 - Flame Proof Flame Scanner

 Self-checking Ultra-Violet flame scanners for use with any of the Elcontrol self-checking flame amplifiers, such as the GP320/SCUV, GP320/EURO/SCUV, UV10 etc.

Elcontrol 30/30 Multi Spark Igniter

3030 Multi Spark Ignition System

The igniter unit provides energising current for up to 60 ignition coils, each coil firing one ignition electrode.

FSM86 automatic burner controller

FSM86 Burner Controller

  • The Elcontrol FSM86 will provide automatic sequencing control of all types of large industrial and commercial gas burners. A synchronous-motor driven cam timer provides precise sequencing of purge and combustion air, ignition, and flame stabilisation periods. This unit is widely used in Bread and Biscuit Ovens.